Standard Requirements for Walkways and Platforms

EN ISO 14122  requirements for walkways and platforms.

A large JOMY aluminum walkway on a rooftop

According to the standard EN ISO 14122 "Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machines and industrial plants" working platforms and walkways provide a safe access to heights for angles of incline between 0 ° and 20 °. The preferred angle of incline is between 0 ° and 10 °.


ISO 14122-2 is specifically dedicated to working platforms and walkways in an industrial environment or for technical and maintenance access.

The following safety criteria are included in ISO14122-2 requirements:


Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the clear width of a walkway must be at minimum of 600mm but preferably 800mm.


The Maximum opening of the flooring of a working platform or walkway must be small enough to prevent a 35mm diameter ball from falling through.

Minimum operating loads:

2 kN/m2 under distributed load

1,5 kN under a concentrated load (on a unfavorable 200mm x 200mm area)


Please contact JOMY's engineering department for a detailed review of the technical requirements of ISO14122-2 for your specific project.

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