Platform Steps

JOMY aluminum platform steps.

Aluminum stepladders can be provided with an access platform. This platform creates more working space so that it is possible for workers to move around in a comfortable and safe way at heights.


A very flexibel aluminum workingplatform that is usable in every environment.

The JOMY engineers developed a new working platform and this made from our standard profiles so the platform is in anodized aluminum.

As usual JOMY combines here the strenght and the light weight of aluminum to come up with a very flexible platform.

The height can be adjusted by hand via a system that is very reliable. To secure the platform at a certain height there are mechanical interlock systems forseen on the vertical beams.

The stepladder that is forseen to get up to the platform adjusts itselfs and very important stays safe to be climbed.

The whole construction has been calculated on strength and checked on safety.

This is a working platform that will safe you time and will avoid accidents in the future when works needs to be done on heights.

Mobile working platforms for the Total research center

Quality and safety is at a high priority at the research center of Total and for this they have chosen to work with JOMY.

Here you see pictures of two mobile industrial working platforms ready to be delivered at the Total research center in Feluy, Belgium.

You can notice the following features:

  • Completely in anodized aluminum
  • Slip - resistant floorplates
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Self-closing guard - rail - door
  • Mecanism for fixation on the floor or mobility via heavy duty wheels.
  • Made to their measurement requirements

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