Metallic Aluminum Stairs

Lightweight aluminum stairs are the preferred solution for collective evacuation or access.

Lightweight metallic aluminum staircases are the preferred solution for collective evacuation or access. All JOMY staircases are produced from anodized lightweight aluminum profiles. This high-quality material, despite its relatively high cost per weight, actually leads to the lowest total cost solution:

• Aluminum constructions are very light (only 1/3 of the weight of similar steel constructions), reducing the impact of the material cost per weight.

• Aluminum metalworking and material handling is easier than steel, reducing production costs;

• JOMY stairs are build with transport and assembly in mind (light, ready-to-assemble meccano), reducing installation costs;

• Aluminum constructions require no maintenance (e.g. no protective painting) and have a long life span (over 30 years), further reducing the total cost of ownership.

Aluminum allows distinct options:

• Stairs with a self-supporting structure, as well as suspended stairs
• Burglar resistant counterbalanced lower stairs
• Many types of paneling (perforated sheets, vertical or horizontal profiles, etc.)
• Painting in any desired RAL color (polyester powder coating)
• Many types of anti-slip JOMY steps, guardrails, second handrail for children, access gate, etc.


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