New Royal Decree of March 28, 2014 relating to the fire prevention at the workplace

In this Royal Decree on fire safety at the workplace, the employer gets more detailed and clearer obligations to evaluate the fire risks. Specifically, he should set up a fire department and try to ensure that adequate and rapid evacuation routes are available for everyone in the company.

Koninklijk besluit betreffende brandveiligheid op de arbeidsplaatsen.

Fire safety in the workplace becomes a part of the security risk analyzes that a company must create and manage. In this decision, there are not yet building codes specified and one remains referring to Article 52 of the ARAB. It is said that those also will change in the near future on the basis of a new royal decree. Remarkably, the legislator is already citing that evacuation routes must be present, this underlines the enormous importance attached to it. An element of a good escape route from different floors are the Jomy products like the JOMY ladders and stairs.


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