Substitute Fire Evacuation Solution

JOMY escape ladders as a substitute solution for fire evacuation.

Photo parue ans la presse montrant l'utilisation d'une echelle de secours en aluminium Jomy lors d'un incendie

From the press: "Escape ladder saves dozens of lives!"

When deciding between an escape ladder or stairs, the following criteria are often used.

  • Limited number of people: Sometimes, the number of persons to be evacuated via  ladder is limited to 10.
  • Low building: Sometimes, the number of floors for an escape ladder to be used is limited to 3 or 5. There are many situations where the emergency ladder allows an escape of the upper floors to the flat roof.
  • Individuals with good mobility: Ladders are not recommended for evacuation of children, elderly people, or those with limited mobility.
  • Familiarity of the users: It's an advantage if the users already know the ladder and the evacuation has been practiced. A ladder is easier accepted for a small office than for a small museum with constantly changing visitors.

Although fire departments and installers like JOMY recommend stairs for fire escape, ladders make up about 75% of all escape routes in existing buildings.

Better an escape ladder than no escape route at all!


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