JOMY Fire Escape Solutions

For over 35 years, JOMY has been studying and developing new ways to make fire escape plans easier and safer, with worldwide success.

The normal exits, stairways, and elevators are frequently inaccessible in a fire. Often, the only way out is through the windows. However, jumping from a great height is risky, and the firemen with their cranes may not be there as quickly as you need them. When they arrive, they cannot be everywhere at once.

Time is crucial as the flames and smoke are approaching! Studies show that it takes only 3 minutes to engulf a complete building with smoke and 6 minutes with flames. So it is crucial that you have access to an escape ladder or stairs that are reachable from your outside windows, doors, roofs or platforms.

Take your time now and look around. How do you get out in an emergency when the normal exit is blocked.

Regardless of what sort of building or windows you’ve got to work with, JOMY has the solution.



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